Oscar’s Supporting Actor, Christian Bale, Backstage : Gratitude About Acting

Actor Christian Bale with Oscar for Best Supporting actor
Actor Christian Bale with Oscar for Best Supporting actor

Great actors often have an fearless accessibility to their emotions; the difficult ones and the easier ones, too.


In Christian Bale’s Oscar® acceptance speech, he expressed an actor’s sincere gratitude…For his (mindblowing) acting work recognized, in THE FIGHTER; for working in an ensemble with the other gifted actors; and for the opportunity to work with this particular director and film editor, who were able to preserve the acting performance that Bale gave on film, in the fullness with which he played the role of Dicky Eklund

Backstage, at the Academy Awards®, just after he won the Oscar® for Best Supporting Actor, Christian Bale elaborated on his gratitude about working as an actor in this role, and with the others that he spoke about in his acceptance speech. He spoke with humility about the talents of other actors who may not have the same opportunities to be recognized, on such a special night.

You may be aware that this actor has distaste for all the Oscar promoting; and he’s not big on marketing, personal questions in interviews, etc. However, backstage at the Academy Awards®, when talking about acting, and how he feels about being recognized for his acting work in THE FIGHTER..he shared authentically, openly and easily.


It’s just a genuine thing, you know, I’m so flattered when anybody, any person, you know, any one person who walks up to me and says that they were really touched by a performance, I really adore that.  I really love hearing that, you know.  I mean, what we do becomes so much bigger than ourselves and I appreciate that so much.  And I’ve been in China.  I just got back the day before yesterday, I’ve not been a part of any of the campaign that’s been going on.  And just to get back and then hear people tell me how much it means is just wonderful.  That’s what you’re hoping for.

And the only thing, you know, I want to say is that obviously the nominees who were nominated for Best Supporting Actor are just phenomenal actors and incredible.  But equally, there’s so many other actors out there who would deserve being up here as well, you know.  They’re saying I love motorcycle racing, and I was watching something this morning, and it’s like, hey, that comes down to who’s first up to the line, who was the fastest.  This has nothing to do with that.  It’s not who’s on pole position, well, that guy decided to go backwards, that guy decided to go back in the stand and drink a Slurpee.  That guy went forward.  It’s all like, what do you think, you know.  What I mean, it’s all just a matter of opinion and so abstract.  This is a very bizarre thing.  But at the same time, I just can’t help but be touched so dearly by it.  You know, people, so many inspirational, talented people decided that I was worthy of this.  I just treasure this.

There’s a point that I believe I made in the speech is, I was thanking David O. Russell for communicating our work in a way that it meant something to the audience, and that’s where you’re out of control because you can do something that really rips you apart on the set, but if the director and the editor don’t take it and make it mean something to the audience it ends up as nothing.  And I was so fortunate that with David and with Pamela Martin, that they were able to take that and really make it mean something, you know.  And so fortunate and it’s resulted in this.

other actors deserve to win oscars


If you missed it, here’s some excepts from his Academy Awards acceptance speech, which was broadcast.

Bloody hell. Wow, what a room full of talented and inspirational people and what the hell am I doing here in the midst of you?  It’s such an honor. David O. Russell, what a great spirit, you know, on the set. Just fantastic, and thank you so much mate for making the work that all of us actors did actually mean something. You know, I mean that’s the director’s job of translating it to the audience and making it mean something. Thank you for that. Thank you to Pamela Martin, likewise, as our editor. The just incredible work of every actor…
Melissa, Amy, Jack, Mark, man, you know the guy who just got this whole thing going right from the get go. Everybody in Lowell, all the actors from there. Dicky and Micky, where my quacker? Is he up there? Dicky’s out there somewhere mate, eh mate?  You’re the best. You’re the best. I can’t wait, and listen. He’s had a wonderful story and I can’t wait to see the next chapter of his story, you know?…
And of course mostly, my wonderful wife, I didn’t think I was like this. My wonderful wife who’s my mast through the storms of life, I hope I’m likewise to you darling and our little girl who’s taught me so much more than I’ll ever be able to teach her. Thank you, thank you so much.


Oscar supporting actor christian bale said every acting role is a cherished friend



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