Wonder Woman’s Costume : Before, New, And Revised Already…

ACTRESSES Lynda Carter and Adrienne Padalicki as WONDERWOMAN

Actress Adrianne Palicki has been cast in the new David E. Kelley’s WONDER WOMAN, and she’s been fitted for the costume. And refitted. Already, some photos have been released.

Actress Lynda Carter, who played Wonder Woman in the original TV series, is on the left; in a truer-to-comic, more patriotic, and vintage-looking costume.  Next to her is the actress cast for the new Wonder Woman TV series, that’s already begun filming.  Her costume is a definite change, and seems to be a better fit than the one on Lynda Carter.

The fit and styling is too good.

There’s no way in hell that anyone could work in this thing, without feeling tortured within minutes.

That’s just my opinion. So, I’ll go on…

Skip the pain for a second; this thing would be so hot, especially under lights and during a shoot, that it would probably slide off during filming. Can’t see this rubber staying put, with no ventilation and shooting either in the California sun, or on a hot soundstage.

And what about between scenes, during those set up times, that sometimes can take hours? Do they come and pull the thing off of her to give her a break, and then pull it back on when ‘FIVE MINUTES!’ is called?? Guess it’s good at mealtime…Fear not food stains!

ACTRESSES Lynda Carter and Adrienne Padalicki as WONDERWOMAN

Now, here’s the revised  Wonder Woman costume, with a photo from the set. Notice any diff?

Actress Adrianne Palicki in Wonderwoman's Latest Costume

Adrianne Palicki as Wonder Woman, in costume.

I say…Phew.

[With an extra sigh of relief for Ms Palicki, about the top. Yeah, it's still a sweat box; but at least the top ridge looks a little tightened, which means she can run with peace that nothing's gonna fly free.]

I can’t even begin to ponder those boots. Let’s just hope they are a very comfy fit, and that there’s lots of available baby powder. I sure wouldn’t want to be in her dressing trailer, at the end of a long day’s shoot, when those babies are pulled off.

Palicki even does her own stunts.

[Wonder where they hide her microphone, and there's that square metal box at the end of the wires that they usually tape to the small of the actor's back--where's all that gonna go?...That's what I'll be watchin' for...]

Here’s a video of WONDER WOMAN being filmed, on Hollywood Boulevard.

For Adrianne Palicki’s acting background, check out her Wikipedia page.  (Palicki was a castmember on the ill-fated show, LONE STAR, that was cancelled after 2 episodes last season. Sincerely I say: Good for her, that she got another acting job, and a high-profile lead at that…Rootin’ for her.)

David E. Kelley’s Wikipedia page is worthwhile; he’s got quite a serious roster of TV work, in case you weren’t familiar. Maybe with David E Kelley attached, the show may have a good measure of originality. We’ll see soon.


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