Actress Emma Stone, At 14, Presented This To Her Parents, To Be A Hollywood Actor


Emma Stone Is New Acting ‘It’ Girl In Hollywood

Just cast in the role of Gwen Stacy, in the next Spiderman; she’s gotten love letters from critics about her acting role in the ‘Easy A’.

(I haven’t seen the movie yet, so no comment so far from my end!  I have my own rigorous set of acting standards, and am not always in agreement with film critics.*stated boldly*)

Yes, the new Peter Parker love interest is no longer Mary Jane, but now Gwen Stacy. This character did appear as a supporting acting role, in the last Spiderman, and was played by actress Bryce Howard. (Let’s hope Hollywood hasn’t decided that Bryce Howard was last year’s ‘It’, and so traded her in!

(Has there ever been an ‘It’ BOY, Male Actor, in Hollywood, I wonder?)


Emma Stone cast as Peter Parker love-interest, Spiderman

I did think a little girl with an acting dream, using this method, was tres cherie.

At the age of 14, wishing to be an actor, professionally, Ms Stone made a convincing PowerPoint presentation…

…For her parents.

She wanted to move to Hollywood, to pursue her dream of acting. (Ever hear of such a thing?)

Is it true you created a Power Point presentation for your parents to let you move to Los Angeles?
I put it together when I was 14 to convince my parents to let me move to L.A. It had worked out well because a couple of years before I had tried to convince my parents to homeschool me and I did a presentation with really old school boards. And so a couple of years later when Power Point came around I did it with that. It’s easy to do; you just drag clip art. The gist of it was, “just please let me move to L.A. to be an actress.” I had ‘Hollywood,’ a classic at the time by Madonna, as the soundtrack. There was no metaphor there; it was very literal. I really was a forward thinker.    (From Moviefone.)

I dig that kind of acting commitment.

It works, as Emma Stone’s acting success shows.

Actress Emma Stone is playing lead roles in films now. But she worked her way up the acting ranks, like all of us.

Here she is in an early television guest role. She was age 16, two years after her Power Point presentation to her parents!

For mature actors only (ahem)….Emma Stone acting on ‘Lucky Louie’:

YouTube Preview Image

A-n-d, if you click on this link, you can view a video of an early audition of Emma Stone’s. I promise you’ll feel better about some of your stinkier auditions, after viewing it.

It’s in Hollywood Actor Prep’s Actors Auditions. But please share first. Thnx!



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