Re: Emmy Show : SAG Makes A Stance For The Actors, Aligning With Much of Hollywood

Emmys Change Their Broadcast, SAG Speaks Out, Stands With Other Unions

From LA Times Aug 7 2009, by Richard Verrier

Now The Actors Are Griping About The Emmy Changes

Changes aimed at jazzing up the Emmy Awards aren’t going down too well with the Screen Actors Guild, the big labor union that negotiates contracts on behalf of actors. Their complaint? Actors — who love the limelight, after all — wouldn’t get the “recognition they deserve” under the award show’s format tweaks, the guild says.

The board of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences recently approved changes that would shorten the presentation of many movie and miniseries awards by allowing producers to air edited versions of acceptance speeches during the Sept. 20 telecast.

But the move has drawn fire from the Writers Guild of America, a number of leading TV writer-producers and the Directors Guild of America, which called the proposed changes a “material breach” of its agreement with the academy.

Now, the Screen Actors Guild has weighed in. David White, interim executive director of the union, highlighted its concerns in a letter Thursday to John Shaffner, chairman and chief executive of the academy.

“The Screen Actors Guild remains concerned about the recommended modifications which, if enacted, would reduce the level of recognition that our members, and other talent, have come to expect and appreciate through your program,” White wrote.

White urged the board to review further changes with “input from the guilds” to “arrive at a mutually agreeable solution to this situation.”

Please  Note:

Verrier  didn’t explain, correctly, the changes the Emmy show re-vamp is planning…

….Nor the consequences, that is actually, and viably, making the Cable Networks; and WGA, DGA, and SAG upset.

And also notice his “tone” when describing the situation–About the Emmy Show changes, he uses positive terms: “jazzing up”.

Alternately…Look at how he describes SAG: “big labor union”  (…as if SAG is just s0 very powerful, or does he mean big and bad?)

The word “Complaint” has a negative connotation; thus, he’s invalidating, belittling, the SAG side of the debate.

How about this: “Actors love the limelight, after all”…As if their “griping” is about attention, Plain-old-insulting.

Is he insinuating that the  major Hollywood dissent about the re-vamped Emmys broadcast, is merely Actor Narcissism?  Or just the Actors reasons for now joining the ranks of dissension?

–Not entirely, it appears.  Look at the wording he uses when talking about the WGA, TV  show runners,  and DGA: in their sparse sentence, he uses  professional, legal terms.

Even in the page’s title bar, he writes:


Forget about the jamming of Internet Keywords!  He cuts his own words off, and makes typos…He just can’t fit all that bias inside the title bar…!

Is this what all the journalists are so sad to see become extinct? Journalistic integrity?

I’ll spell out the problems with the upcoming  Emmy Broadcast that almost everyone, along the professional strata, here in Hollywood, is “griping” over,  in a post, soon.



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