Tom Hanks Is An Actor Who Says Vote Yes on SAG Contract :: Video


I  Do Have A Fondness For Tom Hanks, But I Am Not Feeling It For This ‘Vote Yes’ Video

I may comment a little later, a little more…  I have already commented on the SAG YouTube site where it plays.  Here is a link to see my small comment there.

You must know, if you are a regular reader of Hollywood Actor Prep, that I do not agree that it is a SAG Contract that anyone should  agree to.

From all that I have learned, I think every SAG Actor should ‘vote no’.

I think, if ratified, it will have devastating effects on 95% of the Actors that are SAG members. I think the “imperfections” that Tom Hanks speaks of can, and will, cause real hardship in actors’ lives.

Real hardship.

I don’t agree with his examples that he uses to illustrate his points. I don’t think they apply, in the way he uses them, and should not be any reason for actors to give up eating, health care, or their dream.  

Which is what the consequences could be, with this contract ratification. 

I don’t believe that actors can be blamed, in any way, for this economy or for its effect on the industry.  Anyway, Hollywood has had a better year than ever, according to Variety.


I don’t believe that actors should give up hard won protections, payments, and rights; that they are absolutely deserving of; because the economy is bad all around.

All the “vote no” actors are trying to do is to go back to the “table” with the AMPTP.  See, the AMPTP isn’t the Producers Union.  That’s a different union.  The AMPTP are speaking for the big powers: the Movie Studios, and the Television Networks.  Conglomerates like News Corp, run by Rupert Murdoch.  Those guys tell them where the line is drawn, and send them to the table with that line that they, as representatives, cannot cross.

Well, ‘that line’ isn’t fair. It’s putrid…So they will have to go back to the big guys and get a better offer.  A better ‘line’ that they can negotiate up to. That’s all. And they certainly can afford it. 

There is no impending strike.  Even if there was, and if  ’The Industry’ would suffer so…Well then that would make it a solution, by that same logic, wouldn’t it? Because, if “The Industry” would suffer from an Actors Strike, then the people at the top of “The Industry” won’t let a strike happen. They don’t want to be hurt, or their companies to be.

They’ll, then, simply pay actors a little closer to what they are worth.  It will be over in a snap…And everybody will win.


Remember though, no one wants to call a strike.  The ‘Vote No’ Actors Don’t.

We just don’t want to be stuck with the hardship in this contract. And the future that it spells out, in the fine print. The bold print, too. 

And no one wants to be blamed for a recession.  Especially when we are just an underdog, so don’t bully us and make it our fault. Or hold it up to us, to save. We are powerful talents and useful to our culture. But not with finance.

We are artists.  We have a hard enough time managing our own financial difficulties. Please don’t make us responsible for everyone else’s…

And joking aside, please don’t ask us to martyr ourselves, in order to save ‘The Industry’.  Not only is that absolutely not in our power, whether we vote no or not, whether we strike or not; it really isn’t up to us, not at all. We didn’t cause it, we can’t save it; and no amount of ‘Yes Votes’ or contract ratifications is going to change the nature of the acting profession, and put everyone “back to work”. It isn’t going to give actors any more work either, not more than they typically would have. Even though that’s the way that it sounds.

To ask us to martyr our own profession, as outlined in that contract, and by insinuating that actors are holding up the economy, is an insult. As is what, $24 dollars, one payment, for all the unlimited running of our performances by the studios and networks?  

$24 dollars.  That’s not an “increase”.  To call it one is almost a slur.

Frankly, I don’t know why they all spent so much on lawyers, and money men, and on the AMPTP, to trot out this whole,  big, nearly incomprehensible load of legal crap; why didn’t they just get a banner at Kinko’s and write across it: “WE DON’T THINK YOU ACTORS HAVE ANY VALUE “.


‘Big’ Was Purchased On VHS And DVD By Everyone I Know, And That You Know, And That Everybody Else Knows Too

(And I know they didn’t buy it because I had that measly part that was a booby prize because Penny gave the bigger part that I had auditioned for, the funny part, to her publicist because she looked funny. But couldn’t act. So it wound up on the cutting room floor.)

Neither Penny Marshall’s publicist, nor I, nor you, for that matter… made very much on VHS/DVD sales from Big. Even though nearly every American bought that movie.

Not one of the three of us, nor anyone else who acted in that movie made money on Home Video sales.  We got bupkus.  I don’t know if all three of us get regular residuals from it, I know she and I do. I guess you do too, because you are voting at SAG.

Why? Because SAG was going to go back to the table and renegotiate for it, in a few years.

Never happened.

Yeah. As you said, in the video, “double the DVD rates”.  But double bupkus, is still nothing, Tom.

YouTube Preview Image


In this area is where I am probably going to answer some specific points, one-by-one. Just as soon as I stop hyperventilating from such Post Traumatic Stress..

Tom, I think you are a kind man, a good man.  And you used to care about actors.  Declared yourself a part of the community of actors; and everyone felt, along with you, that it was true.

I just wish this didn’t feel like such a betrayal to your brethren.

Everyone is entitled to missteps, mistakes.

This one, though, has some major influence, laden with major ramifications.

I just wish that it wasn’t so, well…



Love, Peace, And Truth….



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