SAG Actor Comment Comes Here From Disney Studios…?


Actor or NOT?

Got a comment from someone claiming to be an actor, yet it was sent from Disney Studios!!!

The comment was about the  Rob Schneider video, that I posted here on Hollywood Actor Prep Blog, yesterday.  The video is all about why actors should “vote NO” on the SAG Theatrical + TV Contract.

The commenter, who did not send his name with the comment, was opposed to what was said in the video.

He claims to be a SAG member on the “vote yes” side.

But, gee, so is Disney.

Here’s the proof…IP Address AND Whois Database Info…  

ARIN WHOIS Database Search

OrgName:    Disney Worldwide Services, Inc.
OrgID:      DWS
Address:    500 South Buena Vista Street
City:       Burbank
StateProv:  CA
PostalCode: 91521
Country:    US

NetRange: -
NetName:    DISNEY-BUR5
NetHandle:  NET-204-128-192-0-1
Parent:     NET-204-0-0-0-0
NetType:    Direct Assignment
RegDate:    1995-02-06
Updated:    2006-09-07

RTechHandle: HOSTM216-ARIN
RTechName:   Hostmaster
RTechPhone:  +1-407-824-1939

OrgTechHandle: SNO35-ARIN
OrgTechName:   Noonan, Sam
OrgTechPhone:  +1-818-553-7549

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Here’s a copy of the comment by the supposed “actor”.

I get all comments submitted to the Hollywood Actor Prep Blog delivered into my email box, so that I can approve them. It’s a spam avoiding tool. That is why the WHOIS info is included along with the comment. Always.

I put XX’s instead of his email address, etc. To protect the sneaky. Who didn’t leave a name.



 to me

show details 9:06 AM (41 minutes ago)
  Follow up message
New comment on your post #1413 “Actor and Funny Guy Rob Schneider, From A Movie Set :: Video”
Author : XX(IP: ,
E-mail : XX
URL    : http://
Whois  :
Rob Schneider is a good actor and he has his point of view on all this and I applaud him for not calling Vote Yes people liars, traitors or idiots.  But Rob is not a “journeyman actor”; he is quite successful and certainly in the league of several prominent Vote No actors.  And Rob has some facts wrong.        

The first one is the work slowdown.  That was in effect long before the bottom dropped out of our economy,and it was because SAG had no contract as of June 2008.  Sure, tax incentives are at issue as well, but the bulk of it is that studios don’t want to get stuck in production if a strike happens.

The second is the money for re-use on the internet.  To present those numbers without context is very misleading.  Right now, we get NOTHING AT ALL from new media.  The new contract would give us TWICE THE DVD RATE as a start, AND we would have a look at the financial “books” to start finding out how big the pie actually is and therefore what we can negotiate for NEXT TIME.  Also, per an AdWeek article, even Hulu, while bringing in money, is not making a huge profit.  NO ONE HAS MADE THE NEW MEDIA BUSINESS MODEL WORK YET.

The writers went on strike and got the deal that was to be had.  All other deals came from that template.  It’s not satisfying nor does it lend itself to slogans, but that’s the reality.

I am an actor who just started working again after a long time in the “wilderness”, lucky enough to get a new agent in 2008, got my first TV job with the new agent in JUNE 2008, just in time for us not to have a union contract.  I am VOTING YES for the best deal to be had at this moment, and there ARE good things in the deal.  Anyone who tells you there’s nothing there is misleading you.

There is a big difference between “fair” and “gettable”.  Right now, due in some measure to the poor negotiating skills of the previous negotiator, there is no better deal to be had.  If we vote no, then what??  I keep asking that, and beyond having a strike, there is no credible viable answer to what happens next.

I’ll tell you what happens after VOTING YES.  The work slowdown limbo can start to get improve.  More new shows can go to SAG again.  When the shows start filming in a couple of months, our pension and welfare fund will get money. And the raises will go into effect.  And we will get SOMETHING rather than NOTHING from New Media, as well as jurisdiction over New Media.  AND WE SHOULD BE LOOKING AT A MERGER WITH AFTRA and seriously looking at what we have to do and where we have to get to in alliances with WGA and DGA to get better deals in two years.

You can see all comments on this post here:

Here’s my comment back …

[Removed the part where I called the commenter a 'wuss'.  On May 30. I apologize for that. I do like it when people sign their names. Not obligatory.]

One brief thing: 

Any actor who feels that they are not worth more than the pay on this contract…well, I feel sorry for you. I will  continue to be certain, that the value of acting is far greater. And, that the reason that the big powerful Studios offered such a low deal, is because they are aware that there are people like you; I do believe they are using that awareness to their advantage, and playing with actors’ fear, insecurity, and powerlessness.

I also  believe that the points of this SAG Contract  are so difficult to understand: in legal terms, how our individual lives will be affected, and the obscure future of New Media. 

Remember that “The Other Side” devised that agreement with the finest lawyers that all that money can buy.  Whatever we don’t understand is exactly how much they absolutely do understand.  It could be that the contract is deliberately obscure.  Lawyers  have certainly done that with contracts, before.  And,  look what that lack of understanding, and the pressure related to it, is doing to “us”–actors–as a group.  

But you, actually, may be  ”The Other Side”.  I’ve been told that during the Writer’s Strike, the Studios hired people to comb the internet and comment on all oppositional blogs.  Hm. Glad Hollywood Actor Prep made your list.

Fear doesn’t stop me, not always.  (Hey, I was an actor; you need to know how to move forward through fear, to succeed.)

Since I believe so strongly in PAYING ACTORS and COMMENSURATE WITH THEIR VALUE, I am speaking out.  This #SAG Contract is so far from anywhere near what actors deserve. It’s egregious.

I think you make one ongoing mistake. You stick to a stereotype about actors, and that may be your Achilles Heel here. 

Actors aren’t stupid.   Not this one, anyway.  Not all of those that showed up at the Hollywood Information Meeting and surprised the heck out of you, by being a VOTE  NO majority.

Brother, did you then roll out the PR!   

You rustled up Tom Hanks to do a video.   (I’ll discuss that later.)

This comment that was  sent to Hollywood Actor Prep Blog may be part of your retaliation, too.

I’ll never know, perhaps; you didn’t sign a name.

However, if you really are a SAG actor, and you really did “vote yes” to ratify this debasing contract…You are entitled to your opinion, we can still be civil. 

I’ll wave to you, as you pass by on a bus, enroute to your auditions. (Because you will not be able to afford a car.)

Most likely, you won’t be able to afford to be an actor.  That is, if this Contract does get ratified.

…Unless you are a trust fund baby. Or, since the comment came from Disney, I suggest you do not give up your day job at  Disney…  

Actors are going to have the toughest time surviving, and getting union work, than you (obviously) can comprehend, or imagine. If this SAG Contract is voted ‘yes’.


Maybe you really are a Disney exec.

In that case, you will be driving your Jaguar, and laughing all the way to the bank.


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