Steve Carrell’s Audition For Anchorman , Video Shows Why…

actor steve carrell audition video

I am putting this on my auditions page. Here’s a link to where all the videos of auditions are, by actors you may recognize: Hollywood Actor Prep : Actors Audition.

I wanted to mention that I am adding this one, because it is so great an audition, in it’s auditioning.

Yeah, in it Steve Carrell does a very good read of the material. But, it’s what he caps it with, afterward, that makes his audition extremely winning, and well…you can draw the conclusion.

In Steve Carrell’s case, he does that for you. And, for the casting director too.

actor steve carrell audition video

Sorry, will change this-Video is on Actors Auditions page






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James Dean + Ronald Reagan Acting Together : Video Of Live TV Performance


Video:–’50s show called ‘A Dark, Dark Hour’ with James Dean and Ronald Reagan starring together (as James Dean dances to jazz as ‘Hep Cat Killer’.) Text about Reagan and how this show prepped him for Presidency. Also about why so many great actors got their start on these ‘Golden Age’ Anthology shows doing live theatre.

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$500,000 Per Episode : Mariska Hargitay’s New Contract : Law & Order SVU


Actors Never Know W-H-A-T Is Going On Inside Their Producer’s Head (Offices)Even actors and actresses who are series regulars, who get star-billing-single-card…

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Writing Here At Hollywood Actor Prep 1x Weekly : New Deal!

my own projects

Just somewhat...I'm paring down the time I put into Hollywood Actor Prep... Now, I will be additionally working on: My own creative projects A different project (beside Hollywood Actor Prep) that is also for the benefit of actors, but with a more direct effect, with ...

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SAG-AFTRA Merged :: Results From Professional Actors Union Vote Announced Today

sag aftra merged actor guilds referendum vote

Results of today’s Screen Actors Guild announcement, the SAG-AFTRA merger vote. Also, 2 reactive commentaries by Dana Kaminski.

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Actors Union Merger : The Part That Causes The Most Conflicts

the more actors

The SAG And AFTRA Merger Vote, General + Simplified, PART 2 In that last post, I wrote 'Part 2, A' in the proposal by  Vote-Yes-on-SAG-AFTRA side, alleged that merging the 2 acting unions together might create a more powerful single union; and that one actor union would then become a powerful force unlike the ...

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The Merger Of Acting Unions : FAIR + Simplified Overview, Basic Issues

sag merger issues

SAG-AFTRA merger bottom line: What are the general, basic issues? What is the core debate about, between SAG and AFTRA’s union members, about this merger of the professional acting guilds. What do actors really need to know, who are the sides?

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Davy Jones Original Audition For The Monkees : Video

davy jones teen idol icon-thm

Davy Jones was fated to be an actor, and a famous one. He was on British TV at 11, and pulled back into acting after quitting at 14…backstage at The Beatles 1st US appearance; within 2 years himself, a teen idol…

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An Actress, Animation Artist, Weighs In On The Merger. With Legal Assistance + Advice + Translation For Us

Actor and Animation voiceover actress Laura Summer

This guest actor “ACTUALLY READ THE PROPOSED CONSTITUTION”, with an expert attorney.
Laura writes about some of the worst that’s in the ‘fine print’…and what’s NOT THERE?

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Voting On The SAG-AFTRA Merger: Is Not Like ‘Liking’ On Facebook

if a celeb merger sag aftra thm

I’m ready to tackle the SAG AFTRA Merger explanation here at Hollywood Actor Prep.
I know I can provide you with an easy overview; and a fair one to both sides. So if a celebrity asks you to vote, don’t. Not yet…

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Actor Ed Harris Is AGAINST The SAG-AFTRA Merger : Video


Film + Theatre Actor Ed Harris Explains Reasons To Vote Against The Merger. I’ve already presented some discussion, from actors who are voting for the SAG-AFTRA Merger. ACTORS, don’t vote until you know thoroughly how this will merger affect your future. Both sides will be here at Hollywood Actor Prep…

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‘Parks And Recreation’ : Filming In LA Park : Photos


Huh. They really do shoot 'Parks And Recreation' in a park. Was driving by this 'Parks And Recreation' film set today. Stopped and took some snapshots for my acting blog.

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‘Uncensored Actors’ Roundtable : Clooney, Oldman, Plummer, Waltz, Nolte, Brooks, In 1 Hour Video On Acting: Awards Season

Actors Christopher Plummer, Christophe Waltz

On Video, 1 hour acting conversation between professional film actors:
George Clooney, Gary Oldman, Christopher Plummer, Christoph Waltz, Nick Nolte, Albert Brooks

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Actors Get Deep With The Issues: Arye Gross, John Kassir, And Dana K On Merger Of Acting Unions

actor arye gross

Big Discussion between these actors about the SAG-AFTRA potential merger, and the potential future implications, the pros and cons, the conflicts and the possible effects on professional actors.

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A Personal Writing Piece About My Youth, Dreams + Difficulties Of Artistry, And A Friend’s Death

the main point logo

When I was a young teenager, I was nothin' but wanderlust. In 10th grade, I worked at two jobs, a clothes/records/headshop boutique where my sister also worked...and at the Main Point, just up the street from

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...Real blog for real actors by an authentic, experienced acting + voiceover professional. Dana Kaminski had an acting career that succeeded and lasted. Amongst her credits are starring regular role on ABC series, and substantial feature film roles. (Bio page.)
This actress, now author, left the Hollywood Industry, but not L.A. Coming back with the same passion for acting, with this blog, wasn't a choice. Quote:"I started Hollywood Actor Prep, to support actors with real information. Had to. There just wasn't any to be found when I searched, on the 'net. Not by people with real experience, who had actually been inside The Industry, had a real acting career, and had substantially worked. I did, in both NY and LA.
I saw a lot of sites, and not one, actual, real one. Some were impressive in appearance, and expensive. Some were outright shoddy. All were entire inventions. Some conned actors for lots of money; some had social site followings.
It turned me around."
There's no fee, here at Hollywood Actor Prep. Except that for each article you read, you share it around. Sharing this site, inspiring someone else, that's the karmic requirement. No money comes in, so no money goes out, either. Not to pay for marketing, nor advertising. The actor-readers of Hollywood Actor Prep are responsible for reaching out to their fellow actors and actresses, sharing experiential information, and creating a supportive community.
The readers disseminate the acting information, keeping integrity in the acting profession. This blog has an additional mission: to keep the art of acting alive. All of the actors here are spreading that karma, consolidating an artistic actor strength, connecting us all in a way that was not possible before the internet. All real actors, supporting and mentoring, around the globe, and down the line.
"So many great painters, great musicians, great geniuses ended with nothing. With broken hearts in rooms ... I want to see artists sitting at the table that decide the outcome of their lives." --Bono
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